Detrevande’s Quick-Sand


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7 – 10 month (class 11)
Nieuw-Vennep 10-01-2016 EX 1 Marianne Kuipers
Open (class 10)
Tienen 10-01-2016 CAP, BIS Thea Friskovec
Nieuwegein 27-03-2016 CAP Marine Vinkel
Nieuwegein 27-03-2016 CAP Nathalie Smits


Quickeltje is my neutered ped. I had no plans to keep her but she was so much fun to have in the house that she is still running around. Who knows some day I will outplace her but for now I just enjoy her company.

Quickeltje was not feeling happy anymore in my house so I replaces her and she is now a happy neuter living with to nice people who are very happy with her.






Red female (spayed)
dob: April 26, 2015
Sire: Detrevande’s Naughty By Nature
Dam: Detrevande’s Off The Record
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